The World We Never Knew

Hurm III

We have returned to Fallcrest with our rescued slaves. Only now does the enormity of our situation sink in.

Ripfang has vowed to march his one thousand strong Gnoll horde on Fallcrest and wash the city with the blood of it’s citizens. Fallcrest is not a fortress, it does not possess a standing army, it’s citizens are not born into a life of combat, but into a life of farming and labour. Aside from my brothers and sisters in the Abby, Fallcrest has only twenty or so fighting men and women – no match for what is coming.

I rush to the monestary and recall all I know to my master, including our chance encounter with a group of nine explorers heading to an ancient, hidden city. Disturbed by the news and intrigued by this group my master sends me to rest and meditate while see looks into the matter. A few hours into my meditations I am called to investigate a disturbance at the House of Ravenkind. I travel there to see a group of people standing and staring. I make my way to the front of the group and I too stop, stunned at the sight of the Emmisary of the Raven Queen, Sariel.

I hear an audible click, my head is spinning. Something is falling into place, and I am part of it. It feels familiar, but it can’t, I’ve not experienced this before. My head is spinning, I see…Sariel? But it is not me, at least it doesn’t look like me, nor do the people look the same, but they ARE my people, I’m sure. My head is spinning, and suddenly, abruptly, I am drawn to a beautiful, commanding voice and clarity decends upon me.



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