The World We Never Knew

Petronella III

Kill 'em all and let the Raven Queen sort 'em out.

2010/11/09 Chapter 3 session 1.

So much to get done here in town. I need to notify dad about the impending attack by the Gnoll horde. Melzam needs to be notified of these events, maybe he and Liria can muster a few more bodies to throw in front of the advancing vermin.

It feels like an eternity to get to the guard house. Dad accepts the news rather well. He shows no fear or panic, as a good soldier should. He takes me to the Lord Warden and there I relay the news as well as the size, strength and disposition of the opposing force set to overrun Fallcrest. To say the least Lord Markelhay is floored by the revelation. He immediately begins puting together plans with my father, I excuse myself as I have others to see. Once again my perception of time is warped as I feel it takes another eternity to get to the School of Esoteric Disciplines. Melzam is shocked by the news of the Gnoll invaders. He quickly masters his emotions though and gives me a new side project requiring me to get the carcasse of an Id Fiend. I fear for all of Fallcrest and am anxious to see what Melzam could have up his sleeve, but he says nothing more really and I’m walking home.
I wake up in the morning and there is a very large hubbub brewing in the town. I leave my house to see what is attracting so much attention. When I arrive, my eyes are drawn to a lone figure on the steps of the church. The Ex-arch Sariel is standing there gazing upon the citizenry with a critical eye. The townsfolk gather as close as they dare as she speaks. Sariel says that the Raven Queen has agreed to help save Fallcrest, but the cost will be harsh. Sariel makes her list of demands short, but none the less very damaging to our town; all the wood that can be obtained, all of the cabbage that can be obtained and all of the grass/hay that can be obtained. I wonder about the Raven Queen, how can a god that helps her flock by harvesting the souls of its weakest. Fallcrest may be under the boot of a very punitive god indeed.
The real shocker comes when Sariel states that her help is dependant upon a group of proficient individuals going on a quest for her. My fellow citizens eat this up. I’ll go, not because my fellow adventurers are stepping forward, but because I’m trusting our Raven Queen less. I’m confused about so many things regarding the plight of our town. We may be isolated, but at some point we must carve a way back into civilization. I feel as though the Raven Queen is keeping us as her own private little dioramma that she manipulates to suit her whims. A god has no worries, why increase the pains and hardships of our community when we already suffer enough at the hands of fate?! It all seems very cruel to me. Sariel wants us to goto the rift and gather intel, that is what we’ll do. If I live to see my 25th birthday, I’ll make it my goal to reconnect us to the rest of civilization. Even if it means leaving a path of slaughter and mayhem to get there.
Sariel teleported us to the mouth of this Rift. She showed us the the way in and left us to our own devices. Our combined climbing skills helped us our immensely and we made very good headway despite the heavy fog. We stopped on a ledge to take a rest during which I noticed the Purple robed man on a ledge dirrectly above us. I clambered up to his level, he looked way more concrete than in our last meeting. I once again began to question him in a way that would reveal the most information regarding his status. His emphatic gestures helped me find an intricate pattern of symbols carved into the rock of the canyon wall. Upon discovery they lit up and in so doing caused other symbols to light up all over the canyon walls. I think they are a complex warding spell set there by some ancient race or gods as yet unknown to us. We continued on and found an entrance to a cave. We decided to investigate the cave and soon we were teleported to a room with a grizzly and macabre scene complete with a pair of Wraiths. A quick battle ensued and if were not for Leehland’s radiant powers we would have been in real trouble. My sword skills were not tested to any great length, but I was still pushed to perform. Keeping monsters under my aegis is difficult, as I find that fights tend to flow in a manner that carries the beasts out of my reach. I must learn a way to expand the effect of my aegis beyond a mere 10’. All these little things will increase my effectiveness and help keep my battle brothers safer.

We are transported to a room with tapestries and tables laden with food. When we investigate the room we are jumped by some insubstantial undead creatures (night haunt and night whisperers). This fight that is artificially prolonged with the effects suffered by my compatriots in the portal room has sapped us of our strength and wore us down. We have to take an extended rest. We discover through the tapestries that they depict battles, some from not long ago and others from ages past as well as from the future. These depictions perplex us. We make it through the night without any ill effects.
During our stay in the Dining Hall we search and find a doorway into a corridor. The next morning we head down the hall and come to a room of decaying altars covered with yellow grubs. Namib collects a few for further observation. A short time later we come into a room that spews necrotic fluid into a chasm. At the bottom of the chasm is a platform with 4 trap doors. We determine that the doors are just a diversion. We try to get to a ledge 30’ up and Namib suffers horrifically when he falls into the pool of black necrotic slime. He manages to finally get up to the ledge with the rest of us. We used our tents to get through the necrotic waterfall and enter a tunnel that has been undiscovered up to this point. Glyphs on the walls of the tunnel tell us that this is a tomb to the Mydianchlars.



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