The World We Never Knew



Campaign Timeline

The World We Never Knew begins three generations after the Dawn War, wtih the Gods ekeing out a narrow victory over the Primordials and preventing them from destroying the world. The Planes have been forever changed, as has the world.

Fallcrest, once a bustling city that was a hub of civilization, survived the Dawn War, but it’s now a shadow of its former self. The land has been devestated, leaving buildings in ruins and the town isolated from other points of light. Indeed, it’s as if drought, famine, plague and worse are conspiring to lay Fallcrest low. Each season brings new hardships and the farmers and fishermen struggle to survive these harsh times.

The townsfolk have struggled for survival for so long now, that much of the way things once were has been forgotten. But now, Fallcrest is on the knife’s edge – the point between oblivion and salvation. People are asking questions – What happened to Fallcrest? What event of the Dawn War ravaged the lands and city of Fallcrest? And most importantly, can Fallcrest be restored to glory?

Chapter 1: Fruit Picking

Players Journals - Voltoor’s Journal, Hurm’s Journal, Petronella’s Journal, Leehland’s Journal, Namib’s Journal

Chapter 2: The Butcher’s Brood

Players Journals - Voltoor II, Hurm II, Petronella II, Lheeland II, Namib II

Chapter 3: Of Prayers and Miracles

Players Journals - Voltoor III, Hurm III, Petronella III, Lheeland III, Namib III



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