Sariel, Angel of Guidance, Exarch of the Raven Queen

Exarch of the Raven Queen


Sariel is an Exarch to the Raven Queen and comes to Fallcrest on divine missions for her. She embodies the best and worst traits of such a being. For one, she is extremely beautiful in a heavenly way. Her long hair is fine and flutters in the wind while her skin is as soft and white as a pearl. However, as an emissary of the Raven Queen, whose portfolio is death, she has wings made of bones that look like they once had skin that rotted away long ago. But what else would you expect from an Exarch of the Raven Queen?

Sariel is konwn for appearing in Fallcrest when things are most dire, where she commands the citizens to perform certain tasks. In the recent past, she commanded them to build a granary, which she blessed to extend the shelf-life of food before spoiling and she wiped out a particularly devestating plague in Lowtown. She is never subtle in her expectations and pretty much commands the flock to do her bidding.

For these miracles, she is well loved by the townsfolk.

It has been some time since she last appeared.

Sariel, Angel of Guidance, Exarch of the Raven Queen

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