Elion Tamar, Bishop, House of Ravenkind

Head priest of the House of Ravenkind


Elion is in his late twenties. His dark hair is beginning to show signs of grey. His face is often stern, and he always seems deep in thought. Elion has a facial tick as the result of an accident when he was very young.

Elion favors black clothing, with a black full length cape. On his belt, is an intricate mace in the shape of a raven, with the business end, being the raven’s head.

He is extremely hard working, as he feels a constant need to prove himself to both the Raven Queen and the people of Fallcrest.

Over the last year he has made it his mission to slowly restore the exterior of the House of Ravenkind, which once displayed small stone figures of the Raven Queen and her flock.

Elion Tamar, Bishop, House of Ravenkind

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