Ezaya, Master of Spring

Master of Spring, Headmaster of the Pinnacle Abbey


This female Githzerai is the current Headmaster of Pinnacle Abbey. Her official title is The Master of Spring as this is the highest rank she has currently acheived.

Ezaya favors her hair tied back so it does not get in the way of her training. Ezaya wears loose fitting pants that hug her hips and it is adorned by a red sash. She wears a stylish leather vest and also has a gold medallion that sports a ruby in its centre around her neck.

Ezaya is extremely calm, and is a voice of reason, even in the face of danger. She does not hesitate to respond when called upon by anyone in Fallcrest as she believes it is her duty to serve where she is needed.

Her biggest obstacle is, at times, she can be very stubborn. Once she has made a decision, it will take some doing to convince her to change it.

Ezaya, Master of Spring

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