Lannar Thistleton, Proprietor of Fallcrest Stables

Stable owner


Lannar has built up his livestock business since he was young. A family friend once had the misfortune of having his oxen die and he loaned out one of his families two oxen at a fair price. From there, Lannar used the transaction as a basis to grow his business until such time as he could afford to run an entire stable on his own.

Lannar, dresses in overalls and gum boots and sometimes chews on a weed as if it were a cigarette.

He is a trusting man, and when times are tight for his customers, often does what he can without charging for his services. This almost always comes back in spades, for when things look good, the customer pays up and with extra.

Lannar Thistleton, Proprietor of Fallcrest Stables

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