Lord Faren Markelhay, Lord Warden

Current Lord of Fallcrest


Faren Markelhay is the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. He is responsible for the justice, defence and laws of Fallcrest and it is not an easy job. His family (and relatives) have lived in Aetharstar Keep for as long as anyone can remember.

He is in his mid twenties and has a keen mind. He is well like by the citizens as he attends to matters personally. He is fair but seems to extend mercy when it is needed.

He dresses like an adventurer, as he often wear armor bearing his station and has a longsword at his side. His arms are usually hidden beneath the armor but everyone in town knows that he has a spiral tattoo that covers both of them. He has often claimed that he woke up with them one day and has no idea how they got there.

Lord Faren Markelhay, Lord Warden

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