Merelda Lirram, Proprietor of River Rat Inn

Middle aged wife of Horace, part owner of River Rat Inn


Merelda is Horace’s wife. She is very fair to the patrons of the River Rat Inn, but at times can be seen admonishing Horace in the kitchen. She often serves as the cook there, and she is very good at it. In fact, its one of the main reasons that locals go to the Inn!

She is an impeccable dresser, wearing a high quality dress beneath her apron. She has a faint scar on her right cheek that came from a crazed patron who attacker her and her husband a long time ago. The patron was eventually found guily and hanged at the Tower of Judgement.

Merelda shares in drink and conversation just as much as Horace does.

Merelda Lirram, Proprietor of River Rat Inn

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