The Mysterious Purple Robed Figure


A mute, mysterious figure, he has appeared twice to Petronella.

His first appearance was a back alley near the guard training grounds. He was unable to verbally communicate although he attempted to do so. In addition, his clothing, and even his skin had a muted grey quality to it much like what the eye sees in a dark room and it is unable to distinguish color. His robes were tattered and he seemed almost like a beggar.

His second appearance was in a Rift that Sariel, an Exarch of the Reven Queen, had taken everyone to. While exploring, the purple robed figure appeared once again to Petronella pointing the way to find Mydianchlarus’s tomb. The mute grey color was less muted and his skin/clothing had some faint color to them this time.

In both instances, he disappeared the moment Petronella looked away.

His intentions are currently unknown.

The Mysterious Purple Robed Figure

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