The World We Never Knew

Of Prayers and Miracles

Chapter 3: Of Prayers and Miracles

Prayer is a form of religious practice that seeks to activate a volitional connection to a goddess through deliberate practice. A Miracle is thought of as a perceptible interruption of the laws of nature.

The question then becomes, when that prayer is to the Raven Queen, neutral goddess of death, will that Miracle bring salvation to her worshippers as life still lived, or is the Miracle the loss of life in mass numbers…

Namib III
Voltoor III

Finally back in town after a brutal couple weeks of travel. I don’t really think the encounter with the gnolls could have ended better.

Lheeland III
Hurm III

We have returned to Fallcrest with our rescued slaves. Only now does the enormity of our situation sink in.

Petronella III
Kill 'em all and let the Raven Queen sort 'em out.

2010/11/09 Chapter 3 session 1.

So much to get done here in town. I need to notify dad about the impending attack by the Gnoll horde. Melzam needs to be notified of these events, maybe he and Liria can muster a few more bodies to throw in front of the advancing vermin.

The Butcher's Brood

Chapter 2: The Butcher’s Brood

It’s like removing a hyena from a pit… Meru Proverb

(This Meru proverb recalls how a man once met a hyena that had fallen into a pit. When the hyena saw him above, he pleaded to be helped out. The man was moved in his heart as he felt pity for it. He ascended into the pit to get the hyena out of it and upon reaching the bottom of the very deep pit, the hyena told him: “I thank you for your good offer, but just before you assist me in getting out of this deep pit, you should know that I am very hungry as I have been here for many days. Therefore, I demand that you give me either one of your legs or arms to eat.” The man realized that he was in danger and was very much afraid, but cleverly said: “No problem, I have left a fat, juicy gazelle at the top of the hole, and I can easily reach for it while stepping on your back.” He quickly stepped on the hyena’s back and craftily climbed out of the pit leaving the hyena there alone. Hence, the proverb is directed to people who are never grateful for the good deeds done to them, and who create enmity instead.)

Lheeland II
Petronella II

We docked at mid morning and quietly went our ways.

Hurm II

With the tablets safely secured I am now able to focus on my training. As usual, my master is right. Focus on the basics and the rest will follow. I worked on some basic foot drills and realized what I was missing in my defense.


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