The World We Never Knew

Leehland's Journal

“Fear not Death, Fear the Unenlightened Souls Journey in the Afterlife” – Leehland

Session 1

My deathly Queen, these are dark times indeed, darker than perhaps than during the Dawn War…for at least then there was hope. The Citizens of Fallcrest now struggle for survival; each day is a relentless assault on their resolve. It is hard to believe that these are the descendants of those fervent souls that help bring the end of the Dawn War, but times such as these rob the fighting spirit out of all people and replace it with day to day subsistence. However their resilience is great and I have final been able to find the individuals capable of great pursuits; some come by it naturally, others coerced by the brutal reality of their existence.

I find the most hope in the unbridled enthusiasm of Petronella, of all those I share company with, her spirit is most like the legend warriors of The War. Voltoor is always trying to prove his worth which makes him strive to better himself, an admirable trait if focused in the proper direction. Namib has his own personal demons to deal with, but his mistrust has not become visible in his deeds thus far. And although it is faint, I do feel soul recognition in the presence of Hurm. We have crossed paths in a past life, something I have felt only prior with immortal beings. Talking to the temples master, they referred to him as an “old soul”… perhaps by mortal standards he is. Regardless, this connection weaves our souls once again.

As you well know, our first foray as heroes was helping the monks harvest the precious fruit of the orchard, only ripe for a short time during Thaumont. Bullywugs pose a great threat during this time, for they too want to harvest this resource and are none too interested in sharing it. It was the possibility of meeting up with the Bullywugs that caused me to travel separately from my companions. My distain for these primordial created beasts (and the slaads they hope to be reborn as), was well hidden, however I could not bring myself to initially confront them. Being one of the very few who can speak their language, I alone may have been able to prevent their slaughter. Once my companions unsuccessfully tried to communicate with the abominations, the inevitable battle started…I was quick to their aid. At what cost was my hesitation?…I do not know, hatred and anger clouded my judgment, something I am unaccustomed too. Although the death of the Bullwugs is justified, is so the means? I have learnt much from this and will strive to conquer these misjudgments.

Your dutiful servant, Leehland

Session 2 : Personal Journal

Much has been accomplished in such a short time, although the Bullywugs were beaten back for a short period they devised a plan to capture one of our own, Petronella for a insidious plan that we had yet to learn. Had I anticipated their intentions I could have prevented her capture, for I was the closest to her when she fell. They attacked relentlessly until she succumbed and believing I had more time, my plans to revive her were thwarted when she disappeared under the swamp before I could act. But alas it was not her time to go; The Raven Queen was not calling for Petronella just yet, for her power, through my hand, which allowed me to lead us to the Bullywugs lair.

Although I have made some headway oppressing my hatred of these sordid creatures, I find myself at ease taking their lives…wherever death takes them. I do know that neither the Primal Spirits nor the Raven Queen, nor any god, lay claim to their souls, for they are primordial spawn, it is with haste that I believe they should die. A death before their lives can do so much vile deeds to be reborn Slaads, just as a tainted Deva soul is reborn a Raksasha. My dark thoughts pushed me to pursue Voltoors desire to slaughter the young, the weak and the women. The only thing that stopped me was the risk that it posed to Petronella, the rescue party and to me and my kind. I can not risk death at this time for I am uncertain our sacred sites of rebirth, the Vurisii, have been corrupted. Would I be able to return, and if I did would I return as the loathsome Bullywug King… as some abhorrent creature? At this time I feel a sense of mortality and must suppress my willingness to undertake the Wheel of Rebirth. The young and the women are vulnerable and even if they escape – they will die. The task at hand is the rescue of Petronella.

Many fell to the power of The Raven Queen coursing through my mortal flesh. This power, I feel, is no more or less potent than I have wielded in the past, but is far different, it seems eager for the passing of life. This eagerness became very apparent in the Bullywug throne room where the king’s intentions became known. The King was sacrificing Petronella and two other women in an attempt to be reborn a Slaad. Everyone, including the King himself, believed that the ritual had failed, until the king was killed and a Slaad burst out of his falling corpse. Something awoke in me seeing the Bullywug King reborn as a Slaad, for it was I who delivered deaths blow. Seeing the transformation caused me to question “Too which path is my own rebirth?”

I appreciate and impressed with Hurm and Petronella’s courage, always putting themselves in danger to protect their companions, while Voltoorand Namib’s tactics maximizes their strengths. Without each other we would fail the task at hand. The good-natured ribbing my companions are handing out during and after battle eases mine and their tension. However, some of the thinner skinned take the joking more too heart.

Session 3



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