The World We Never Knew

Voltoor's Journal

Session 1

Day one as an adventurer seeking my fame and fortune in Fallcrest and what an auspicious start.

Picking bloody fruit in a swamp. At least the Bullywugs paid dearly for the fruit they took and the trees they killed.

Did find some herbs to make a few healing poltices. Hope to find more before we leave as this is the only place I’ve heard about to find the materials to make it. Fruit. YAAAHHHHHhhhh………. Although it is tasty.

Met Petr Fawkland in Sintas Square before we left town and was able to help him out a bit. Hope to see Isobail or Rohesia when I get back to do the same for them. All three of them are rather hard off yet keep smiles on their faces and a warm spot in their heart for me and my family. Don’t have the heart to tell them grampa died cause of me.

Had to stop in at Nimena’s shop with the others for some supplies. She’s as odd as ever, but still looks good.

My companions are a strange assortment. Of them all the druid seems to have it right. The rest, I’m not sure yet. The monk is agile but spent most of his time running on water lilies before falling over half dead. Good thing I had a couple poltices ready. Gonna keep an eye on him. The swordmage tries hard but she takes a while to get in position. Probably a womans way of looking at things is getting in the way of doing it right. hehe. And the invoker hits like a thunder clap but doesn’t seem to get involved right away. And if I’m going to comment on my first encounter as a party of adventurers, well. I’m just right.


I’m starting to wonder on my choice of adventuring companions. I keep hearing about how wonderful they are and how I need to grow up or not be a coward or my thinking is horribly flawed. Who’s the one that started the battle with the Bullywogs, ME. They all just wanted to watch them destroy trees. And they are implying I’m a coward for prudently ducking behind a tree after taking a shot at the Bullywug Shaman and his guard. Then moving into a better position, shooting again and dropping prone into the swamp. So, tell me again who’s way is better after I saved all your sorry asses in the throne room not an hour later. I’ll get to that in a minute. I’m starting to feel a little unappreciated around here. They seem to think I’m just some uneducated farm boy. Ok. I didn’t have a great “spiritual” teacher like the monk or a father who taught me how to fight. And I don’t have, wait for it, OOOOOOOOOhhhhh, “thousands” of lifetimes to draw experience from like the Deva. But where I come from, common sense will go a long way to keeping your ass safe a whole lot more than some mumbo jumbo about how all creatures deserve life. PLEASE. Spare me the words of “wisdom”.

When we entered the festering cesspool that is the Bullywugs lair and happen upon the young one’s den and the female area, I’m made to feel as big as an ant for suggesting we wipe them all out. Their VERMIN. I know the only way this will be read by anyone in the party is if I‘m dead, but I’m almost hoping I die so they can read this and realise they’re wrong to afford Bullywugs the same emotion you would give a human or shifter or deva or any other civilized people. Hell, even animals have more respect for their surrounding than the vermin we’ve been fighting. Lets look at rats for a minute. Their vermin to be killed on sight. Now Hurm, if you found a nest of rats eating all the food your farming parents worked their asses of to feed the family. Then those rats were able to destroy the farmland itself so it was dead. I ask you. Would you kill the males and let the female and baby rats live on the farm. HELL NO. Or I hope not. You kill them, that’s what you do with vermin. Now lets compare rats and bullywogs. Rats will self cannibalize. We witnessed bullywugs do it. Rats can’t be reasoned with. Lheeland tried with the bullywogs and look what happened. Rats will move from one feeding area to another leaving nothing but destruction behind. You have eyes. What were the bullywugs doing? You think we found an advanced civilization in the swamp? I saw a festering lair of vermin that needs to be crushed so it doesn’t spread and wipe us out. Rats are for the most part small and more an annoyance. Image a rat the size of you that can fight, wield weapons, cast deadly spells but still thinks like a rat. Would you allow it to settle near your only real food source when deep down it still thinks like a rat? End of point!!

Now for the real reason for this extended journal entry. Much to get off my mind. The throne room fight. Badly outnumbered with a pinch point for an entrance. Hurm spots a cocoon in the far corner, feels it would be a good idea to release what’s inside, trips on a lilly pad and promptly gets blasted from all sides with some poison spray by the bullywogs. Did I mention their were 6 or 7 bullywugs in the room and he wants see what might spring from the cocoon. Valiant but hardly “spiritually enlightened”. I ran up behind him and blasted one in the face with such force that I took the fight not only from him but his two allies next to him. All of a sudden all hell breaks loose and the next thing I see is Hurm lying face down in the middle of the floor. No one but me seemed to concerned that our kidnapped female companion was covered in mud laying on a table on the other side of the room.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the surprise fight at night. Went badly as we were caught unawares when they tipped over our boat. Petronella was captured and we pursued. We lost, tho no fault of my own. But I shan’t point fingers. So now we’re down two party members against a room full of ‘wugs. Thank the Raven Queen the guard, Olmayne was with us. As the fight progressed I realised one thing. We do not have good tactics. Too many people are getting hit just trying to move around. We have to do better. Before I knew it my healing skills were needed by Hurm, who was still down, not to mention Olmayne and Namib who fell to the Slaad‘s assault. In between shooting what I could and making sure no one died, I was able to help Petronella regain consciousness with the help of a poultice. And let me tell you, when she got up she was PISSED. Straight at the Slaad. Oh ya, the Slaad.

Again I forgot an important part of the story. Remember the cocoon that Hurm wanted to break open. It held a befuddled Bullywug king that I shot, and as the king was dying, the slaad burst out of him like it was inside of him or something. My arrow had so much power that it skinned him on the spot. First, a ’wug king, then a slaad. A rather unhappy one. (on a side note I’ll have to point out to Hurm it was a good thing he didn’t open the cocoon when the room was full of guards. You see he was still down and didn’t see it emerge.) When the Slaad let loose it was quick and ugly. At one point only Lheeland and I were standing. By this time the Slaad was the only enemy left. I had 1 poultice left and used it on Hurm. I figured since he fell early he may have a few tricks left to use. The Slaad finally dropped to the combined assault of Petornella, Hurm, Lheeland and myself. And Hurm fell again before it was all over needing my healing skills once again to stop the flow of blood. I really don’t think he has much left, he looks rather pale. Maybe now is the time present my case to rid the town of this vermin. I’m sure after Petronellas recent experience she will be more than happy to support my thoughts on it. I ramble. We still must get out and I’m hearing noise coming down the hall……………..

Session 3

Oh was I right when I said I heard noises down the hall. I’m sitting in the boat as I write this sweating buckets after barely escaping from the vermin den. I’ll pick up where I left off last entry.
Upon hearing noise approaching I look up to take note of the condition of our group.

Lheeland appears stoic as he stares down the hall, probably contemplating this latest incarnation of his existence. I still don’t understand his rambling about life and death as a Deva, I’m just recording his ramblings, although I’m sure he would call it musings. More amusing if you ask me. He does look wobbly tho, which is not great.

Petronella on the other hand has every reason to look wobbly yet of us all she seems the most resolved to exterminate this nest of vermin. Beat down, captured, tortured and used in some evil ritual and here she stands, ready to fight out or die trying. I gotta respect her drive, although I’m not ready to join her by the Raven Queen just yet.

Namib can barely stand yet he hides it well. He’s leaning on a wall away from the entrance looking down the hall with concern. When the fighting started however, he was the bravest of us all.

Hurm is MISSING. The coward. Probably snuck out when I was writing my last entry. I’m sure he’s saving the vermin scum’s young and females. No one else seems to notice, or maybe they’re all in on it and sent him to do it. Hmmmm. Not sure about this notion I have. And for now I have to put doubt out of my mind. We have a fight coming and seem to be down a man. I do have to say that he does fall over in the first few seconds of combat so my healing skills my not be as required. I hope so as I grow tired of lowing my crossbow from the perfect head shot only to run halfway across the battle to bandage a companion. Companions that don’t seem to appreciative of what I’ve been doing for the last 2 days.

The guard Olmayne. What a trooper. He joined us to find Petronella, fought as hard as anyone, and even when I bandaged him he was back in it again. We owe him.

The fight was a strange one. We lined up in the hall while Lheeland tried to talk them into letting us go. We did after all have the kings head with us, as well as the Slaads. Lheeland got them to pick a new king, who was promptly stabbed in the back by another. Anyone who believes they are not vermin are ideological idiots. This new “king” demands that we pay for our safe passage out. As Lheeland tries to create more dissention among the vermin, I charge up through the hall (more squeeze past everone) and shoot the bastard point blank. DAMMIT. A complete miss, and the follow up shot is a waste as well. At that point, Petronella pushes me aside and starts swinging like a woman possessed( aren’t all), Some welling anger I think. It’s not long before this new king falls. Lheeland then tries again to reason with vermin(when will they learn) and get them to move aside. No luck for a new “king” emerges and has more demands. Namib snaps. One good hit would surely drop him yet he charges to the front with the first kings head, throws it at the vermin all the while yelling gibberish and waving his arms. I thought that was all he was doing when suddenly, instead of Namib, there is a giant mass of centipedes crawling around where he just was. Creeped me out and I’ve seen it before. For most of the vermin it was too much. Over half fled. The rest stayed to die. Which they did. My healing skills were required twice more for Petronella and Olmayne as they fell before it was all over. Olmayne deserves a raise. On the way out I spotted some tablets in the filth at the base of a wall. Had I known they would turn out to be important to Hurm and his monastery I would have said nothing. Too late now. Finally we get the hell out of hell.

The return boat ride to Fallcrest with the fruit is mostly uneventful except for an attack by flying manta rays. Someone called them ixitachtl, or, ah, ixtilchtyl, no. Hmmmm, ok their bloody flying manta rays. Either way one of them mad some writing on it. Apparently the writing has something to do with Demogorgon. WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE RAVEN QUEEN HAVE WE GOTTEN INTO. And more to the point, why is he they after US. I have a sinking(maybe I shouldn’t say sinking on a boat) feeling there is more going on here than we know. We’re almost back to town, time to stop writing and take what little rest I can…….



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