Loot Tracker

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This is for the DM to remember who has received treasure for the current level. Since we use wish lists, players pretty much get what they want, and therefore must update this page so the DM knows what was taken.

Treasure pile

Treasure Given Out To Date


+1 Vicious Kopesh

+1 Sudden Recovery Leather Armour

+2 Amulet of protection

Bloodthirst Bracers


+1 Rebounding Repeating Crossbow

Bracers of the Perfect Shot


+1 Hunting Beast Armor

+1 Feyswarm Staff


+1 Dwarven Chainmail

+1 Defiant Rod of Time Distortion


Shroud of the Raven Queen Boon

+1 to Attacks (Level 2 Boon)

Loot Tracker

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